Punjab State Information

Punjab, one of the northernmost conditions of India, is flanked by the Pakistani territory of Punjab to its west, Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Himachal Pradesh in the upper east, Haryana in the south and southeast, and Rajasthan in the southwest. The conjunction of five waterways makes Punjab's agrarian land rich and profitable. Roughly 82 for every penny of the state's territory is under development contrasted and the national normal of 40 for each cent.Punjab is otherwise called the 'Bread Basket of India' and prompted first Green Revolution in the nation. Punjab has solid horticulture base with the immense generation of vital products. In 2015-16, creation of sugarcane was recorded at 7,125 thousand metric tons. According to state spending plan 2016-17, a measure of US$ 1.14 billion has been distributed to the horticulture and associated businesses segment. Sikhism is the larger part religion in Punjab rehearsed by 57.69% of the populace. Sikhs frame a dominant part in 18 regions out of the 22. Hinduismis the second most rehearsed confidence in Punjab, framing 38.59% of the populace. Hindus shape a greater part in 4 regions: Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr a minor larger part in the Gurdaspur

Economy of Punjab 

The state has number of little, medium and extensive scale modern units. Real Industries in the state incorporate metals, producing materials, hosiery, yarn, sports merchandise, hand apparatuses, bikes, and light building products. The regions of modern push incorporate agro-industry, hardware, dairy industry, pharmaceutical Industry and white products industry. Agribusiness is the pillar of Punjab's economy. The state contributes 80 percent of wheat and 43 percent of rice to the national exchequer. The other real explanation behind the flourishing of the state are the immense number of individuals who left their home for the nations in Europe and North America and, after long battles, accomplished triumphs there.The most well-known clothing of Sikh men society is a long kurta (shirt) with loose pants attracted at the lower leg. Most one of a kind recognizable proof of a Sikh man is his turban and his facial hair. Ladies of the state additionally wear practically a similar dress known as the salwar kurta alongside a dupatta (long stole).


  • Bhangra: Bhangra and Giddha are types of move and music that started in the Punjab locale. Bhangra move started as a people move directed by Punjabi ranchers to commend the happening to the reap season. 
  • Punjabi legends: The society legacy of the Punjab mirrors its a huge number of years of history. While Majhi and Doabi are thought to be the standard lingo of Punjabi dialect, there are various nearby lingos through which the general population convey. ​
  • Literature: Punjabi writing has tried to advise and move, teach and engage. The Punjabi dialect is composed in a few unique scripts, of which the Shahmukhi, the Gurmukhī scripts are the most regularly utilized 
  • Music: Punjabi Folk Music is the conventional music on the customary melodic instruments of Punjab region.Bhangra music of Punjab is well known all through the world 
  • Cuisine: There are numerous local dishes that are well known in a few districts as it were. Many dishes are selective to Punjab, including sarson da saag, Tandoori chicken, Shami kebab, makki di roti, 
  • Festivals and conventions: Some of the celebrations are Bandi Chhor Divas(Diwali), Mela Maghi, Hola Mohalla, Rakhri, Vaisakhi, Lohri, Teeyan and Basant.
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